Yahu Maankind



My Practice

Sanatana Dharma literally translates to “nature law”, it is the authentic yoga. Karma Yoga is a practice of “meditation trough working”; to be active, doing any kind of work as an instrument of the divine, while remaining in the present moment without expectation for reward.  Combined with Japa (repeating any mantra such as “Om Namah Shiva” while gently steering the mental power towards the divine) it becomes a work that goes with you even after death.  Karma yoga is a very effective method towards preparation for the higher yoga, the last few beads of the eight fold path, or meditation, especially in Kali Yuga where the distractions of the material are strong.


Yoga is a science of “everything that is”.
It integrates theory and practice. … the necessary behavior needed on the path of Yoga, and the way we can prepare our physical nature for this work. What is a Sadhaka? … To practice postures and learn different breathing techniques, and receive theoretic insight in the concept of meditation as practiced by Yogi’s.
Mantra is important, and other tools such as power elements, divine essences, given us by nature to support the student on the path.


Main teacher(s)

Haidakhan Baba
Dr. I.K.Taimni
Baba Muktananda
Selvarajan Yesudian